Experiment 8

Which flows fastest: light oil, heavy oil, or water?

This is a picture of a stopwatch.Materials:

Empty milk carton


Small tin can (like a juice can)

Large tin can (larger than a juice can)

#40 oil (heavy)

#20 oil (light)


Watch with a second hand


1.  Put a hole in the juice can. Make a stand from the milk carton. Cut a hole in it, too.

2.  Cut a 3 mm hole in the bottom of the small juice can.

3.  Cut a hole in the bottom of the milk carton smaller than the diameter of the juice can.

4.  Fill the juice can 1/2 full of heavy oil, and time it as it runs out. Clean the can. Repeat the experiment with light oil, then water. Compare the results.

5.  Place your finger over the hole in the juice can so oil won’t run out.



Try this experiment again with oils and water after refrigerating them overnight.

Should we use heavy or light oil in the wintertime? How about summertime?